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Project: Earth Works

THE MOTHER HOLE began in concept as an environmental “well” for asking my deceased mother, Hazel, the nature of death. Digging a hole is a metaphor for plunging deep into the self, for birth as well as death, and the struggle that the mythologist Joseph Campbell calls “the hero’s journey”; the one who completes a difficult passage, often underground to discover the truth, and later returns to bring back what she has learned. In my case I found power, courage and ingenuity.

Twenty-eight paintings on paper of imaginary burrows, holes and tunnels accompany The Mother Hole. All are mixed media on paper at 11” x 14”, 11” x 17”, or 22” x 30”.

THE HUT IN THE FIELD is a hand harvested, hand constructed thinking place inside the silence and sounds of Peacham Vermont’s wild nature. I made it over a year’s time to fit my body and enclose me like a shaggy womb. The final boughs and leafy branches were added in collaboration with Cynther Greene of Peacham.