“Art is my conduit for making sense of my self in the universe. It consists of wrestling imagery out of paint, thread, line and thoughts. I perform, shape, sew, dig, paint, write and capture life through a lens. The point seems to be to probe what in the world I’m doing here at this random time on earth.”

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Cecelia Kane is a painter, fabric artist, performance, video and earth artist whose work delves inside the universe of self and being. Cecelia Kane has performed and exhibited at many art venues across the USA, including Ruby Green Gallery in Nashville, TN, Hallwalls in Buffalo, NY, The Schwartz Center for Performing Arts at Emory University, the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Soho 20 New York, and Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Los Angeles.

She has been a curator, visiting artist, guest lecturer, performer, community artistic project director, teacher and graphic producer. She has held numerous residencies and been the recipient of several grants to produce artistic projects, particularly for The Hand to Hand Project, an expansive collaborative work incorporating eight years of artistic commentary on the Iraq War, with 2,000 artworks by 196 national artists at fifteen venues coast to coast.

Cecelia lives and creates in Peacham, Vermont– a two hour drive from where she spent much of her childhood. She proudly traces ancestors arriving in Vermont from the Irish Potato Famine who served in the American Civil War, farmed or worked on the Rutland Railroad based in Rutland Vermont.

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