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In 2003, Tapioca*, a community art group, worked for several months with the homeless men of Clifton Night Hospitality, as well as members of the congregation of Clifton Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, Georgia to create the Footsteps Project, a commemorative garden on the shelter grounds. The challenge was to develop a creative way to integrate two diverse communities existing under the same church umbrella. Cast cement footprint stepping-stones, each inscribed with the date, the participant’s name, and personally decorated by the individual, were installed in the shape of a Celtic cross at a site prepared by members of the congregation.

The adjacent area was planted with ground cover perennials, flowers, and herbs to create a meditative space. An official ceremony in mid-June 2003 dedicated the garden as the physical record of those choosing to leave their marks on Night Hospitality history.

*2003 members of Tapioca were MB Andrews, Susan Cipcic, Cecelia Kane, Susie Winton and Julie Stuart >>