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Coming Soon was a street intervention performed at dawn on May 18, 2002 by the Stuff and Nonsense Urban Pranksters, a contingent of seven anonymous Atlanta artists performing against greed and consumerism, in conjunction with the Atlanta Downtown Art Fair. The artist-pranksters hand pressed pre-made removable vinyl lettering on the windows of abandoned storefronts in the Fairlee-Poplar district of downtown Atlanta Georgia, proclaiming the imminent arrival of imaginary businesses.

All signs began with the words “Coming Soon”…followed by a mix of humor and seriousness:

“Coming Soon…A Decent Café Open after 6:00”, “Coming Soon…Reasonable Rents”, “Coming Soon…A 24 Hr. Grocery”

All ideas for businesses needed in the community were obtained from members of the Downtown Atlanta Neighborhood Association in a meeting with Stuff n’ Nonsense.

Coming Soon was about the belief that downtown Atlanta suffers from the pathology of treating space as investment property rather than as building blocks in a vibrant community.

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